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A ‘sponsor’ is just another name for a sugar daddy.

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These financially endowed men who spoil young girls in exchange for a ‘nice time,’ have always been there. Sponsors, also ed ‘private developers’ or ‘blessers,’ could also be women, previously going by the moniker, sugar mummy. Girls, here is why no man will marry you anytime soon The need for sponsors nails American psychologist Abraham Maslow’s ‘theory of unmet human needs’ on the head.

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These needs go beyond basic needs such as food, shelter and clothing, hence the ‘sponsor.’ Interestingly, a research survey commissioned by us suggest that parents could be indirectly ‘encouraging’ their children to get sponsors, who range from family friends, lecturers, teachers, other parents, business associates and workmates.

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The best sponsors are said to be politicians, pastors, corporate managers and loaded businessmen, for those expensive gifts and holidays with barbeques, get-togethers and other social gatherings being the ideal setups to meet them.

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